Meadowcreek is a huge system of rugged watersheds and drainages that culminate in the most pristine azure blue spring fed water, sometimes looking and sounding more like a raging river than a creek. The water level can rise very rapidly because of the steep incline to the systems sources. Some cliffs have water falls that are graced with maiden hair ferns and prickly pear cactus within close proximity to each other, illustrating the extremes in wet and dry cycles. The two low water bridges(one upper and one lower) are used by locals as well as weekend campers and adventurers to access the water. Some stretches of the creek are long and calm others pour off into pools ,large boulders and flat rocks line her banks.

Species of fish are varied with the rainbow darter and some yellow cheek darters, Blue gills, small mouth bass to name a few. There are also several species of turtles, frogs, and snakes. The birds that can be seend on any given summer day include blue and green herons, king fishers and many more. It seems like every living thing on the Meadowcreek Wildlife refuge relies on the health of the water, such as fox, coyote, otters, black bear, bobcats, mountain lion, deer, wild turkey and a multitude of hidden and compromised creatures who struggle with the loss of habitat almost on a daily basis. As more large sections of woods are cut for cow pasture and steep hills are logged and rocked, the refuges such as this one will be evermore important for preserving the building blocks of the possibility of harmony and balance in the natural world.