The pinnacle as seen through the forest from across the valley

The Meadowcreek trails system encircles the range of the valley and the steep cliffs with views and dense forests. Some of the trails are the width of a horse or two, others just wide enough for a careful hiker. They are a combination of old pioneer thoroughfares, old logging paths from the 1940’s and more recent attempts to access a sampling of some of the inner core of the forest canopy. This helps to serve the purpose of studying the flora and fauna in all their seasonal changes.The trails allow visitors to develop an infinity with the majestic and genteel beauty of the diverse plants, trees, rocks and fungi which give habitat to the wildlife Visitors can carefully traverse the paths to experience the understanding that the delicate balance they are seeing, smelling ,touching and hearing needs to be preserved and protected. Many of the trails need maintenance due to dead fall from past winter storms that make sections impassable. Also some of the trails need water bars to prevent erosion.

On spring and summer days, one can find wildflowers such as trout lilies, ladies slippers, wild irises, bloodroot, bee balm, Saint John’s wort, shooting stars, dutchman’s britches, jack in the pulpit, and much much more.

All of these are rare now a days, due to the rampant rush for quick cash by a large percentige of the surrounding land owners that are in tthe business of clear cutting and rock harvesting or in some case, open cut mining.