Meadowcreek is named for a long stretching meadow that lies near the shores of a creek at the base of a deep valley. The meadow itself is a good mile long,  meandering from north to south. The views of the high cliffs on the west and east side of the valley are like a sun dial gauging the movement of the sun and moon as they rise and and set. This is the Boston range within the Ozarks, meaning more sand stone than limestone. The sandstone has been worn over millenniums into large carved outcroppings. Some are house size boulders, some sit poised and precarious like ancient monoliths. In fact, it’s the rocks that hold the very mountains up, fending off erosion and soil loss to heavy rains.
The Area that Meadowcreek, inc. holds in a land trust along with the United States Humane society is 1600 acres. It is a wildlife and timber refuge for the purpose of keeping open space and wooded corridors available for this regions dwindling, precious natural habitat for the local flora and fauna.
There are 300 acres within this 2000 that hold the infrastructure used for housing students and staff for the educational programs once so active in the past.