Back in the Heyday of the Meadowcreek education center in the 1980’s to 1990’s, there was enough grant funding for the employment of staff members and teachers to offer a range of topics that were taught to high school, college and even some elementary school groups. Some specialized in bringing in at risk kids, others focused on gifted and exceptional students. There was also an exchange program for international interns.

Primarily there was an emphasis on Organic Gardening, and Agriculture, Passive Solar Architecture, Permaculture, Sustainable and Alternative energy, Animal husbandry, Food preparations and preservation and a multitude of sub topics branching off from these headings, such as Shitake Mushroom growing. They also had concerts and speakers such as the well known ensemble the Paul Winter Group and writer Wendell Berry, to name a few .

There were also several Arts taught at the Center. Pottery, painting and sculpture were offered. The woodworking class used an efficient system of feeding the wood scraps into a large steam engine to power the tools. Much of this – the solar panels, tools and steam engines – has been auctioned off over the past decade.

In it’s prime, Meadowcreek could educate around 100 people at a time. Many young people often grew up remembering their experience there with deep appreciation for the chance to be in nature like never before, often helping to shape their values on environmental issues as well as social connections of respect and trust.