The Meadowcreek facilities were built in the 1980’s with grants for the education of students in the field of Passive Solar Architecture. There are 5 homes, once used for residences of the staff with programs taking place at that time. In addition, there are two houses that were built before the Meadowcreek Center was started. Meadowcreek Center also includes two dormitories. One being the main space for gathering to share meals and includes a kitchen. Each dorm has 5 rooms with at least two sets of bunk beds. There is also a single apartment in the main dorm with it’s own bathroom and shower, but all other rooms share the main bathroom facilities. Both dorms need upkeep that skilled volunteers could help with.
There is also a conference center, currently in need of renovations, and leased by a film maker who may one day offer workshops in the field.
Two artists are currently using the smaller dorm on a light impact scale until it can be improved and integrated into future programs. Both dorms need renovations.
There is an event in the month of September that highlights these artists called the” Off The Beaten Path Studio Tour “, It is part of a county wide self guided tour that includes studios all around the area. Demonstrations are the main draw, educating any and all that attend about the methods used in a diverse range of arts and crafts. Over 300 people have been known to come to this event and there is no feeling of being cramped or crowded. Of course, they don’t come all at once, nor do they all stay overnight, but they all come back year after year saying it is one of their favorite stops in the county. Most of them are from out of state and consider the Meadowcreek a Jewel to enjoy, care for, and return to.
There is a chance that the main dorm may be available for small groups or family reunions as well as educational programs in the near future. However, it is neccessary to bring you’re own staff and be self sefficient in the provisions of food.