Meadowcreek has seen few programs other than our beadmaking workshops offered in the past decade. However, we’re hoping to solve that.

In April – Tom, Sage Holland & Beau Anderson Glass Beadmakers – will be offering several classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced beadmakers. The trio have a long History of exhibiting, teaching, as well as presentations and demonstrations around the world.

They’ve been scheduling workshops here at Meadowcreek sometimes twice a year since 1998. The 3 or 5 day classes include meals, often using produce from the garden – fresh squeezed juices, salads, soups. Homemade breads, too! The days are full of hands-on glass bead making, with an emphasis on controlling design with molten, colored soft glass.

Using techniques from ancient Egypt, China, Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, Japan, etc. Shown in nightly slide presentations, helps widen the knowledge and historical significance of the bead in glass history.

Having the opportunity to share the intensity of the experience with others in a setting like Meadowcreek has proved a powerful channel for dynamic learning.